About Us

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Let’s not be strangers any longer. We’re Feelin Friendly and you are? Whether your name is in English, French, or Russian, it’s good to have you here on the blog! Welcome, bro!

Let us tell you a bit of our story with skateboarding. It’s a simple one. We were not very active teenage kids. We know people don’t usually like comparisons. But, while other kids are having their teenage dreams, we were having teenage nightmares.

You know all those pimples popping up everywhere, voices starting to break out, and those homework with all shapes and numbers. Oh my god, we had goosebumps just thinking about it now. Skateboarding changed it all.

It’s a super easy sport, you know. No rules, no time tracking, no strict height requirements. It was game-changing. A good skateboard costs like what, $40 or so. Definitely beginner-friendly.  Our health has significantly improved since we took up this sport.

We’ve made a lot of amazing friends online and in the skate parks as well. We’re truly grateful for everyone who’s taught us the tricks with extreme patience. Because of that, we want to create a place to connect with other riders, make product recommendations, and share great tips.

Feelin Friendly is the blog that makes our vision a reality.

Who We Are

George W. Wynn –  CEO, Founder of Feelin Friendly

Hey there! My name is George W. Wynn. I’m the founder of the blog. My pals call me Land Shark. You know, because I surf the road like it’s water. I decorate my longboard with shark graphics and other dope shii…take mushrooms. What’s on your boards? Definitely send me a message if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you!

Adrian J. Santana –  Expert Reviewer

Hey, bro! It’s

Adrian J. Santana or aka The Froggie Man. I love doing jumping tricks on my skateboards. On the weekends, I like hopping on my cruisers for an easy, nice cruise around town. My eyes are huge. By that I mean, well-trained. I’ve seen hundreds of skateboards and can instantly spot which ones are bad. I’m the expert reviewer at Feelin Friendly and you can surely count on my expertise.

Sherry D. Cruz  –  Pro Skater

I’m Sherry D. Cruz  from Europe. My background is in snowboarding. When I left Europe to travel to America, I took up skateboarding and met some great people. I joined the team here to continue sharpening my skills and spread the love. My only pro tip for beginners is: whatever you do, don’t forget to have fun. That’s the secret sauce!